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The Miramichi Regional Hospital offers three types of room accommodations:

  • Private: 1 patient per room

  • Semi-Private: 2 patients per room, bathroom shared by 2 patients

  • Semi-Private Shared or Ward: 2 beds per room, bathroom shared by 4 patients

The Government Insured Services Program covers the cost of a ward.  A private or semi-private room may be obtained, if available, through an additional charge.  Some private health insurances may cover the cost of these additional charges.  Insurance cars must be presented at the time of admission.

We will do our best to provide you with your private or semi-private room request.  However, we may not always be able to comply with your request.  We will make every effort to transfer you to your requested accommodation as soon as a bed becomes available. 

Compassionate Lodging

Several Miramichi Hotels offer a discounted room rate to the immediate family of individuals admitted or receiving treatments at the Miramichi Regional Hospital.  Please speak to your nurse regarding this available service.

Bills - Where can I pay them?

You can pay your hospital bill at the Finance Office located on the level 4 of the Miramichi Regional Hospital, or you can mail your payment to Miramichi Regional Health Authority, 500 Water St., Miramichi, NB, E1V 3G5

Gift Shop

The ‘Miramichi Memories’ Gift Shop is located in the main lobby of the hospital and is operated by the Miramichi Regional Hospital Auxiliary.  A wide selection of gifts, reading materials, personal items and snacks are available.

Mail and Flowers 

Mail and flowers are delivered directly to your room.  If you have any letters to be mailed, please give them to staff at the nurses’ station.  Postage stamps are available in the Gift Shop located in the hospital lobby.

Barber and Hair Styling Services

A beauty salon is located in the main lobby of the hospital.  For an appointment or further information about services and prices, please call 623-3192.  Hours of operation are Tuesdays & Wednesdays 9:00am-4:00pm.


A cash machine is available in the main lobby of the Miramichi Regional Hospital.


Parking for patients and visitors is located next to the hospital.  A designated area for the drop-off of patients is located at the main entrance.  The Miramichi Regional Hospital does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents. 

Disabled parking areas are available in the visitor’s parking lot, in the front entrance and at the emergency entrance for those with special permits.


The hospital offers security services, which enforce hospital policies and regulations for your safety and well-being.  Surveillance cameras are located throughout the hospital and ground for your safety and protection. 

Patient Safety

Patient Safety is a priority for all staff at the Miramichi Regional Health Authority and is reflected in the organization’s mission:

“The people of the Miramichi Regional Health Authority work with individuals, organizations and communities to promote patient/client safety”

As a health authority, we do everything possible to ensure patient safety and we encourage you to take an active role in your health care by:

  • Asking questions and voicing concerns about your care
  • Ensuring your health care team is aware of your past illnesses and current health condition
  • Bringing all of your medications with you when you go to the hospital or to see your doctor
  • Ensuring your health care provider knows if you have ever had an allergic or bad reaction to any medicine or food
  • Making sure you have clear information about what you are to go when you go home from the hospital or from your medical appointment

Lost and Found

The Security Department provides a lost and found service.  If you or one of your visitors loses something, please contact security at 623-3172.  Items will be kept for a period of one month.

Scent Reduction Policy

The Miramichi Regional Health Authority promotes a scent-reduced and smoke free environment.  The Health Authority recognizes that scented products contain chemicals that may cause serious problems for many people.  Where possible, products with scent or other properties that are known to cause health problems shall not be used.  Please avoid wearing scented products.  

Rights & Responsibilities

We respect the dignity and cultural values of all patients and care for all with equal regard.  We encourage you to play an active role in helping us to meet your needs.  You can do this by ensuring that you are aware of your ‘rights’ and ‘responsibilities’.

Your rights are:

  • To be informed about your health care
  • To be treated equally and fairly
  • To be treated with respect and dignity at all times
  • To have your health information and records kept private, except as otherwise provided by law
  • To ask for information about your health care and arrangements for your discharge from the hospital in the language you understand
  • To agree to, or refuse, any procedure or medical treatment, at any time, except as otherwise provided by law
  • To ask about any charges that may be, or are, billed to you that are not covered by a health care plan

You are responsible:

  • To work with your health care team and to follow all safety rules
  • At all times for showing respect and consideration to our staff and to other patients and visitors
  • For understanding the nature of our hospital, the number of patients that we treat and the nature of your illness may restrict the amount of personal privacy that we can provide
  • For respecting the privacy of other patients
  • For giving your health care team complete and correct information about your health
  • For asking you health care team questions about anything that you do not understand
  • For keeping and/or canceling your appointments
  • For your health care decisions

Other patient rights and responsibilities are outlined in a pamphlet that is available at your nurse’s station.  It is important that you know what your rights and responsibilities are.

Visiting Hours

  • Addiction Services

  • CCU

  • Emergency Department

  • Gynecology (2 East)

  • Medical (2 West & 4 East)

  • Obstetrics (Maternity) (2 East)

  • Palliative Care (4 East)

  • Pediatrics (4 West)

  • Psychiatry (1 West)

  • Restorative Care & Rehabilitation (1 East)

  • Surgical