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Programs and Services

Addictions Services

[1 East- Inpatients]
Nurse Manager: 623-6176

Visiting Hours:

  • General Public: not permitted

  • Pre-approved visitors: Wednesdays 6-9pm, Sun 3-4:30pm & 6-9pm

**Visitors are restricted for the first 48 hours following admission. Those permitted to visit are contacted by staff for education regarding our policies.

Our Addiction Services Team uses a holistic approach in the treatment of our patients, and addresses the needs of the person in relation to their environment. The team of health care professionals which aid in the rehabilitation process is composed of physicians, nurses, social workers and addiction attendants. While staff plays an important role in treatment, we recognize that the individual suffering from substance abuse is the primary player in the recovery process. The principle of least-to-most intrusive intervention is primarily applied by the Addiction Services team.

Inpatient Treatment Services Include:

  • Assessment

  • Detoxification

  • Recovery Planning

  • Referral Services

  • Crisis Intervention

[3 West- Outpatients]
Regional Manager:

Outpatients offer a wide variety of services to the public which include: Individual, family and group counselling:

  • Education

  • Assessment

  • Recovery Treatment

  • Relapse prevention

  • Referral

  • Crisis Intervention

A Youth Treatment Program, Gambling program and Education and Prevention services are available through Outpatient services. These programs focus on building healthier life styles for both youth and adults in our community. Our team of professionals can also provide consultation, presentations and training to schools, the work place, community partners as well as the general public.

Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program
The Miramichi Addictions Recovery Clinic (MARC) team provides Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program for opiate dependence.

ROAD Program
Remaining Off Addictions and Dependencies is a recovery support group offered Fridays on the inpatient unit at 2pm.

Diagnostic Services

The Miramichi Regional was the first hospital in the east coast to have digital imaging capability in the Diagnostic Imaging Department. This technology was introduced in 1996, expanded substantially and now all imaging, with the exception of mammography, is digital. The images are stored on the AGFA PACS system and can be transmitted to all regional hospitals. They can be viewed at clinical workstations throughout the hospital including in physician’s offices within minutes after the completion of the exam.

The Diagnostic Imaging Department offers a wide variety of services which include:

  • Bone Densitometry
  • CAT Scan
  • Echocardiography
  • General Radiography
  • Mammography/Breast Screening
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound

Extra Mural Program

The Extra-Mural Program (EMP) is part of the Miramichi Regional Health Authority’s healthcare services. This is a provincial home health-care program that provides comprehensive health-care services to eligible New Brunswick residents in their homes and communities. Its purpose is to maintain and/or restore health within our clients daily lives.

Regions We Serve:

Miramichi Unit
500 Water Street
Miramichi, NB
E1V 3G5
Phone: 506-623-6350
Fax: 506-623-6370

Blackville Unit
2 Shafer Lane
Blackville, NB
E9B 1P4
Phone: 506-623-6312
Fax: 506-623-6370

Néguac Unit
38 Otho Street
Néguac, NB
E9G 4H3
Phone: 506-623-6312
Fax: 506-623-6370

Each program offered by the Extra Mural Program (EMP) has its own criteria for eligibility and admission.

Home-Care Program
This is the hospital-at-home program. Clients are referred by physicians and admitted by EMP. This program includes acute care, palliative care and chronic care.

Long Term Care
This program is designed to assess the functional needs of the clients and to determine where those needs can be best met (home, nursing home, etc.) This program is available to clients aged 19 and older and is in partnership with Family and Community Services and Mental Health.

Oxygen Program
This program provides oxygen to clients in their own home. Clients must be 65 years if age or older, referred by a physician and meet clinical criteria.

Rehabilitation Services
The purpose of this program is to systematically guide the development of a coordinated regionalized system of community-based rehabilitation services. These services include occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech language pathologist.

Palliative Care
Palliative care provides interventions which help alleviate pain and manage the symptoms of a terminal illness and provides support and respite to the individuals and his or her informal support network. This allows the individuals to die at home or delays the admissions to a medical care facility for as long as they so choose.


The Extra Mural Program offers services to clients within their environment:
Private homes Nursing homes Workplace Special care homes Schools Daycares


Dieticians help people understand the role food and nutrition plays in health and illness. They help clients plan and change eating habits to meet their health needs. Nutrition has a role in the development and progression of many diseases.


Nurses provide those services that require specialized nursing skills or procedures. Nurses also provide care and support to those who are dying or who wish to die at home.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists take a client-centered approach to investigate how clients manage their activities of daily living at home (nursing home or community) or school.


Physiotherapists assist with the prevention or improvement of movement dysfunction; pain; or mobility problems due to injury, illness, disease or poor lifestyle choices.

Social Workers

Social workers strive to assist people, through specific interventions, to regain or maintain a balance in their lives and to attain an optimal level of functioning.

Speech Language Pathologists

Speech language pathologist can assist when there are concerns with the expressive and receptive speech and language problems, or health problems that limit a client’s ability to safely swallow.

Parle-Moi/Talk with Me

Food Services

Your meals are prepared daily with an eye to nutrition and attractiveness. The meals are delivered to the bedside by friendly professional food service staff. If you are on a special diet, specific instructions about your meals will go to the dietitian; otherwise, you will be able to select foods you prefer from a daily menu. Our staff would be delighted to assist you with food-related matters. If you need assistance, make sure to ask.

Cafeteria: The View Point Dining Room, located on level 5 of the hospital, offers a magnificent view of the Miramichi River. It is open seven days a week from 9am-1:30pm and 4:30-6pm.

Subway: The Subway restaurant is located in the main lobby of the hospital and is open seven days a week from 6:30am-11:00pm.

Interpretation Services

Volunteer interpreters for many languages are available. Please ask your nurse to make the appropriate contact. The New Brunswick Multicultural council office telephone number is 506-773-5272.

Spiritual and Pastoral Care

A hospital stay can be a frightening and sometimes lonely experience. We recognize that physical illness often creates stress and struggle in the personal lives of patients and families. The Miramichi Regional Health Authority knows that your spiritual care can be an important part of the healing process. Members of the Pastoral & Spiritual Care Department are available to you and your loved ones during your time in the hospital.

As members of the health care team, pastoral and spiritual care providers are trained to respond to persons in spiritual distress by:

Listening and facilitating communication
Assessing spiritual needs and concerns
Providing spiritual care and counselling
Supporting those facing crisis situations
Exploring faith and mortality
Responding to religious needs
Contacting faith community representatives when requested
Exploring possibilities for reconciliation
Leading support groups
Guiding through grief process

Clergy and Pastoral Care Associates can only access the names of their own denomination, who have indicated they would like a visit. If you do not receive a visit and would like one, the Pastoral & Spiritual Care Department is pleased to contact someone on your behalf. Please inform your nurse or call us at 623-3263.


You are invited to the chapel on Level 2:

Non Denominational Worship Service every Tuesday @ 3:00pm

Roman Catholic Mass every Wednesday @ 3:00pm

Services are broadcast LIVE on Channel 67 on the patient TV.


Roman Catholic Eucharistic Ministers provide Communion to patients every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Prayer for Today

Everyday I need you, Lord, but this day specially.
I need some extra strength to face whatever is to be…
This day more than any other day I need to feel You near me – to strengthen my courage and overcome my fear.
By myself I cannot meet the challenge of the hour. There are times when people need a higher Power – to help them endure what is to be.
And so, Dear Lord, I pray, hold onto my trembling hand and be with me today.

Therapeutic Services

Manager: 623-3111
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

Audiologists are healthcare professionals that assess the extent of hearing loss, balance and related disorders and recommend appropriate treatment. Services are provided to people of all ages who are deaf or hard of hearing or at risk of developing a hearing loss.

The services provided by the Audiology Department at the Miramichi Regional Hospital are as follows:

  • Detection, evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and rehabilitation for patients with hearing difficulties and hearing loss
  • Counselling for patients, families, caregivers or teachers on improving communication with a person with hearing loss.
  • Prescription of hearing aids or other types of equipment to improve communication.
  • Informing community of the benefits of early detection and prevention of hearing loss.
  • A universal hearing screening program, available to all newborns

Occupational Therapy
Manager: 623-3111
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

Occupational Therapists are healthcare professionals that work with people following mental or physical illness or disability to enable them to maximize their skills and abilities. Occupational Therapists help people to stay in their own homes, do daily tasks for themselves, travel, and work and play as independently as possible in their community. Occupational therapists work with people of all ages and services are available on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

Some of the services that our Occupational Therapy team provides at the Miramichi Regional Hospital are as follows:
  • Customized individualized treatment programs to improve one's ability to perform daily activities.
  • Adaptive equipment recommendations and usage training
  • Comprehensive home and job site evaluations with adaptation recommendations.
  • Teaching family members and caregivers how and when to assist the person with a disability
  • Advocating on behalf of the person with a disability

Volunteer Services

WHY VOLUNTEER Volunteers are valued members of the healthcare team at the Miramichi Regional Health Authority. Not only do they bring to the organization a wealth of knowledge and experience, they also bring a perspective that provides community input.

The role of a volunteer is to complement the professional role of hospital staff by enhancing services to patients and their families beyond the scope of regular patient care. Services rendered by volunteers support the personal dignity, safety, security and quality care of patients.

The Volunteer Services Department is responsible for the administration of the volunteer program at the Miramichi Regional Health Authority and ensures that volunteers are provided with the ongoing support, guidance, training and supervision required during their placement. Last year alone over 100 volunteers donated over 10,000 hours to our hospital.

As a volunteer you gain an opportunity to:

  • work as a member of a healthcare team

  • gain an opportunity to help and serve others

  • network with other volunteers and healthcare professionals

  • attend various educational workshops

  • develop personally

  • obtain references for employment, scholarships, bursaries

  • make new friends




Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Miramichi Regional Hospital. We have a very active volunteer program with over 100 men, women and teens contributing over 10,000 hours of volunteer service every year.
Where you are placed within our program depends upon the time frames in which you are available for volunteer work and your areas of interest. We make every effort to place volunteers in areas they will find rewarding.

1. Complete an application form and you must supply two character references.
2. Schedule an appointment for an interview.
3. A criminal records check must be completed.
4. Attend an appointment with staff health for a general health screening and TB test.
5. Receive orientation and training.

To contact Miramichi Regional Health Authority Volunteer Services, please call 623-3190 or email gail.surette@rha7.ca.